Use the command ?stick in the channel you want the stickied message to be created in, followed by the message you would like to stick.

Use ?help for a full list of commands.

(Only your server moderators will be able to use these stick commands)


Your stickied message will now always be the most recent message in the channel (If your channel is very active, the message will be sent every 5 messages). StickyBot will always delete its last stickied message before sending the new one so no need to worry about any "spam".


To stop your sticky message just use the command ?stickstop.

Advanced users can use premium commands to create sticky embeds, slower posting stickies, and much more!

If you need any assistance we are happy to help in the Support Server.


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?stick <message> - Sticks your message to the channel.

?stickstop - Stops the current sticky in the channel. 


?poll <text> - Create a pretty poll for people to vote.

?apoll <question, option1, option2> - Create a multiple choice poll for people to vote. Separate the question and options with commas. Supports up to 4 options.

?userinfo <@user> - Get a users discord information. (@user can be a mention, ID, or left blank)

?serverinfo - Get the current guilds server infomation.
?embed <message>
- Turns your message into a embed.


?weather <city> - Get the current weather in a city.

?wiki <article> - Get the requested Wikipedia article.

?wiki random - Get a random Wikipedia article.

?roll - Rolls two dice.

?flip - Flips a coin.

?randomwiki - Get a random WikiHow article.


?help - Get a list of all StickyBot commands.

?about - Get information about StickyBot.

?premium - Info about StickyBot Premium.

?invite - Get the invite link to invite StickyBot to a server.

?support - Get an invite to the official StickyBot support server.

?donate - Information about supporting StickyBot.

?disablecommands - Disable all non-sticky commands.

?enablecommands - Enable all non-sticky commands.


?stickembed <message> - Creates a sticky with an embed.

?stickslow <message> - Creates a sticky that posts slower than a normal sticky.

?setimage <image link> - Sets image for sticky embed in the channel.

?removeimage - Removes image for sticky embed in the channel.

?getimage - See the current channels sticky embed image and link.

?prefix <prefix> - Set your custom prefix.

And More!
Use ?help in your server to get a full list of commands.
Remember, don't include "<>" when using commands.





StickyBot will request some permissions before joining your server, these are needed for StickyBot to function properly.

The StickyBot support server provides update announcements, troubleshooting help, giveaways, and more.




Anyone can buy premium for any server with StickyBot!

StickyBot Standard


One Stickied Message Per Server

Locked Prefix "?"

All Fun Commands

All Utility Commands

24/7 Uptime

Discord Support Server

Discord Verified Bot

More to Come!


Unlimited Stickied Messages

Use Custom Embeds as Stickies

Create Slower Posting Stickies

Custom Prefix

Removes "Stickied Message:" header

Premium Support

Support Server Premium Access

More to Come!





Frequently Asked Questions


What Is StickyBot Premium?

StickyBots core features will be free forever but some users wanting extra customizability and features can subscribe to StickyBot premium for $3/month or $30/year.
The premium features are: -Unlimited Stickied Messages -Use Embeds as Stickies -Custom Prefix -Slow Sticky Messages -Removes "Stickied Message:" header -Premium Support -Support Server Premium Access With more to come! Plus you don't need to be the server owner to purchase StickyBot Premium, any member in a server with the bot in it can make the purchase and unlock the features for the server.
Also, StickyBot Gift Cards are available here.

Can I Get StickyBot Premium For Free?

Yes! If you are feeling lucky, we give StickyBot Premium promo codes away every couple weeks in the support server. Everyone is able to enter the giveaways for free here! If you own a large discord server (50k+ members) or a educational server (part of a educational institution such as school or company) and would like StickyBot Premium open a support ticket here to get in contact with our staff team or email us at

How Can I Cancel My Premium Subscription?

To cancel your subscription simply sign into the payment portal here and go to the "subscriptions" tab and click "cancel". When a premium plan is canceled the bots prefix will be reset to "?", and all sticky messages will be automatically stopped. You will still have full access to all of StickyBots free commands and can re-subscribe anytime.

What's So Special About Having a Sticky Message as a Embed?

Embed messages on discord make messages stand out a lot more then a normal plain text message.
To stick a embed use the command ?stickembed.
Color: You can change the color of the embed by setting StickyBots role to what ever color you would like. Image: You can set the embeds image in the channel by using these commands:
?setimage ?removeimage ?getimage Links: You can embed a link into sticky embeds like this: [text](link). Text Edits: And of course embeds support all of discord markdown such as:
** Bold** * Italics* __ Underline__ || Spoiler || ~~StrikeThrough~~ `Code Blocks`
Plus these can be combined!

If you need help setting up a sticky embed we are happy to help in our support server.
The ?embed command also supports all of the markdown listed above.

How Do I Transfer My Premium Subscription to a Different Server?

To transfer your StickyBot Premium Subscription please open a support ticket here. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription and re-subscribe with the new server ID.

I Lost My Premium Subscription But I Did Not Cancel It?

If your premium subscription seems to have been canceled but you did not cancel it on your own it is most likely due to repeated failed payment attempts.

If your card gets declined the charge will be attempted again after 1 day. If it fails a second time your plan will be automatically canceled.
When a premium plan is canceled the bots prefix will be reset to "?", and all sticky messages will be automatically stopped. You will still have full access to all of StickyBots free commands and can re-subscribe anytime.


What Is StickyBot?

StickyBot is a free to use bot which is used with the text and voice chat service Discord. StickyBots main feature is its ability to "stick" a message to a text channel in discord which will cause the message to remain as the most recent message in the channel. Additionally, StickyBot offers many other fun & utility commands.

How Can I Support StickyBot?

Thank you for wanting to help! StickyBot was made by one developer and is managed by a small team of friends. There are multiple ways to support us and StickyBot. First, purchasing StickyBot Premium helps us cover server costs plus you get lots of cool features with it! You can also donate and recieve the "supporter role" in our support server. Finally, and the easiest way to support StickyBot is to write a nice review for it here. Thank you again for wanting to support StickyBot and the team!

How Do I Use StickyBot?

To use StickyBot add it to your server by clicking here. Once the bot is in the server use the help command by typing ?help to get a full list of commands. If the bot does not respond to that command make sure it has permissions to read and send messages in that channel.

Still Have Questions?

No problem, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can create a support ticket in our support server here or email us at We have an active staff team that is ready to help you with StickyBot.

Can I Trust StickyBot?

We understand you need to be mindful when adding a bot to your discord. We take security and privacy very serious. Here are some reasons why you can trust StickyBot in your server: StickyBot is Discord Verified, which means they know and approve of the code that is running the bot, how data is stored & used, and the legal ID of the owner of the bot. (StickyBot has the verified check mark next to its name). When you add StickyBot to your server it only asks for basic permission to function properly: read/send messages, manage messages, embed links, and read message history. The StickyBot source code is publicly available on GitHub here for anyone to look at and is regularly updated with each bot update. StickyBot is used in over 15k servers including some very large servers with over 300k members! StickyBot has great reviews on! If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to our support team in our support server or send us a email at, we are happy to answer any questions you may have for us. Additionally, feel free to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


How Can I Report A Bug?

If you believe you found a bug with StickyBot please open a support ticket in our support server here. Include a description of the bug (what it is, how it happend, and how to recreate it if possible) and a screenshot if you have one. If this bug has not already been found by someone you will recieve the "contributor" role in the support server and a tag in the bot updates channel when the bug is patched.

StickyBot Is Not Working In My Server?

If StickyBot is not responding to any commands try these steps:

1. Make sure StickyBot has the permissions needed (such as read/send messages) in the channel you are trying the commands in. (This is the most common issue!)
2. Make sure StickyBot is online. You can do this by clicking on the bot or by checking the #outages channel in our support server. (StickyBot has a 99.99% uptime). 3. Check if you have changed the bot prefix. You can do this by using the ?help command. You can also reset the prefix to "?" by using ?resetprefix. (Prefix commands are premium only). 4. Check the #known-issues channel in our support server to see if there are any issues that are causing StickyBot issues in your server. 5. If these steps have not worked please reach out to our support team in our support server here.


Still Have Questions?

No problem, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can create a support ticket in our support server here or email us at We have an active staff team that is ready to help you with StickyBot.

Are You Hiring?

Thank you for you intrest in working with us. Currently we are not hiring any paid positions. If you have experience with with Java, SQL, and the Discord API and want to join the dev team feel free to fill out a staff application. If you are interested in becoming a moderator in the support server feel free to apply here. All staff members recieve StickyBot Premium for free.

Can I Self-Host StickyBot?

The bot is open source on GitHub here. All the source files are available to you if you would like to modify them for self-hosting, but no additional support will be given for self-hosting. See the GitHub repository for more info on self-hosting.